The Rules of the Game

During the Eighteenth Century, it was easiest for an upper-class woman to interact with a man at a social gathering such as a formal ball. Therefore, we are going to walk you through a night at one of these events. Once you begin your quest, you will be given options regarding dress, men and etiquette. If you make the proper choices along the way, you should end up with Mr. Right. If your choices are incorrect, you will be told why, and then asked to choose again. Therefore, the system cannot fail you. As long as you continue on the journey, you are bound to end up with Mr. Right by the end of the evening. So as you can see, ladies, persistence counts. Don't be discouraged when you make an inappropriate choice. Just pick up the trail of your gown and keep on walkin'!

In order to attract a gentleman like this, you must behave like quite the lady...


While we understand that all wealthy women of your time vary to some degree, there are basic qualities Mr. Right must have in order for the match to be considered socially acceptable. Now remember, you are an upper-class woman who is in search of a man of the same social standing. Since you also have an older brother, you will be denied an inheritance upon his death. Therefore, finding the right man is not only preferable to your family, but also necessary for your economic well-being. But don't be intimidated by these demands!

You have a lot to offer. As a skilled vocalist, an eloquent writer, and an expert in the art of conversation, most men would be more than thrilled to court you. Finding that man and getting his attention, though, is the challenge. So if you're ready…

Let the Quest Begin!


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