A Physician, His Patient, and Death

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Ever wonder how to get rid of a pounding headache or soothe a screaming child speckled with chicken pox? Finally, there is a comprehensive manual to help you with your ailing woes. With some advice from your favorite celebrities and much much more, you will be enriched and enlightened by cures galore.

Also, as you read through some of today's common literature, you may come across a character with a disease or two. This guide will become a necessary supplement if you want to browse the different options for curing or coping with illness.

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A costume worn by

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help plague victims.

Common Concerns:
Browse these pages for information on the common cold, chicken pox, lice, headaches, gout, bad breath, personal hygiene, cholera, the plague, and more.
Mind Medicine:
Many have studied the connection between the mind and body, now you can share that knowledge about ailments like sorrow, mania and envy.
Famous Faces:
Sickness knows no status. Get advice from the most well-known contemporary authors and their fabulous works, like Samuel Johnson's medical dictionary and James Boswell's Hypochondriack.
Dr. Janos' Guide
to All Things 
From the convenience and privacy of your own home, learn about methods of discreet and wise sexual practice, as well as the treatment of the Lues Venerea


Authors: J. A. Bakos, A. S. Gilbert, T. Heck, S. Tiderington