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Primarily used to cure mental illnesses or the "demon-possessive" type.





In our own country of Great Britain, it is a common practice to bind lunatics to Holy Crosses. This scares the demons out of the bodies, thus successfully curing the patient. (1) The most common method of binding requires the use of strong ropes, although bedcloths and towels may be used in the absence of such materials.

Sir David Lyndasy, author of the poem "Monarche" wrote 400 years ago:
"They bryng mad men on fuit and horsse
And byndes theme to Saint Mangose Crosse"

Further endorsement of this ritual is given by Jocelin, a monk of Furness:
"...many labouring under various disorders, and expecially the furious and those vexed with demons, are bound in the evening; and in the morning they are often found sane and whole, and are restored to their liberty" (3).


Side Effects:
Rope burn, stiff muscles (in both the patient and the keeper) and boredom.