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This treatment is recommended, not only for curing mental illnesses that result in hysteria, blindness, deafness, loss of bodily feeling and paralysis, but it is also a fun party game.




Step 1: Purchase magnets and stick them all over the body of the person with the mental ailment.

Much to our delight, Anton Mesmer has discovered "animal magnetism" (22). It seems that all animals, including humans, have magnetic fluid running through their bodies and mental illnesses result from having the flow of those fluids interrupted. Therefore applying magnets to the seat of the disease restores the harmonious flow.

If you have a larger budget, you may also consider Mesmer's method of covering a large tub with a table top. Run magnetic fluid through the tub and have rods or cords touching the fluid poke through the top of the table. Have your guests (with ailments and without) grab hold of the rod or cord and watch their delight as the charge runs through their bodies!

Step 2: After the patient has had their internal magnets restored, wave your hand or some other object in front of the patient and make them follow the motions with their eyes. The effects can be heightened by treating the person in a dark room with eerie background music. This should induce a sleeplike state in the patient and make them susciptible to suggestion (23).

For patients - tell them they are no longer crazy.
For guests - Have fun! Make them bark like dogs or tell their deepest, darkest secrets!


Side Effects:

Patients may become stuck in the stupor, in which case, try a cold douche. If used as a party game, social ostracism of the host or the "patient" may occur.