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Narcotics, such as those derrived from the Narcissuses flower shown above, are effective cures for sadness diseases and patients who complain of excessive pain. Can also be used for insomnia and distress.


In small doses, these plants cause euphoria. In large doses, they serve as an analegesic (something that dulls pain, induces sleep, causes stupors and lowers levels of consciousness) (25).

The most common narcotics are the mandrake root, Indian hemp and poppy.

Opium, which comes from poppy juice, can be used to remedy insomnia. As an ointment, it effectively dulls pain (26)

People who are "opium-happy" have a tendency to exhibit a false sense of elation. While they are consuming this narcotic, they will frolic around and sing happy songs. However, once the effects begin to wear off, depression may set in and a fresh supply of opium must be supplied.

Side Effects:
Increase in appetite and addiciton.