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Dr. Janos' Guide to All Things Conjugal

This page shall provide useful information
in all matters concerning sexual relations
and sexual health.
Dr. Janos has practiced physic for over thirty years,
and is an expert in all aspects of Venery.

Ask Doctor Janos

Peruse these pages for questions asked of Dr. Janos by your peers, and find the answers you're looking for. Here, Janos speaks on curing impotence, the perils of searching for a beau, how to safely farm, and more.

On the Clap

A discussion of Gonorhea, including its symptoms, preventative measures, and cure.

On the Pox

An examination of ways to diagnose and cure the lues venerea, syphilis.

A Treatise on Mercury

Many of Janos' prescriptions include quicksilver. This treatise will provide valuable information for crafting the medicines, determing correct dosages, and proper use of them.