Cyrus Peabody

Sir Cyrus Peabody (Likeness taken from Portrait of Sir Joshua Reynolds (1792-1793, Thomas Peat)

Hello dear patron! My name is Cyrus Peabody, and welcome to my Emporium of Betterment, where you will find all the means to becoming the most moral and virtuous citizen you can be. I provide my gentle assistance in the main areas which cause our dear citizens concern, from embarking on the righteous path of a proper courtship, letter writing, ballroom etiquette, appropriate dress, and how to impart upright character and moral values in our children .

Dear Patrons, as we near the end of the eighteenth century, I think we may all agree that times have changed. No longer can we live as our forefathers did, living in a simpler world where we once lived solely amongst friends, neighbors, and perhaps sometimes enemies as well- we no longer have the luxury of being well-acquainted with the neighbors within our communities. The values once held most dear in our great country- honor, kinship, learning, and loyalty to the community, are now endangered in a battle of vice against virtue.1 

In a society where people are tempted by the vices of ambition, desire, and the pursuit of wealth and pleasure, it is harder to remain a virtuous and moral people, and that is why I am here to help. As the world grows fearfully full of Sin and Temptation, I have called upon the Leading Minds of our time- an illustrious group including Joseph Addison, Daniel Defoe, and Samuel Richardson- to help you, dear Patron. 

By coming to my shop, whether you are provincial or well-acquainted with the ways of town, I applaud your courage and bravery in following the path of Virtue. If you are interested in learning more about me, click here! Otherwise, go forth and I wish you luck in finding your way as a Moral and Upright Englishman.


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Ball Room Etiquette