Wondering Sir Peabody Can Be Trusted to Guide You on Your Path to Betterment?

I aim to provide through my emporium a place of business where one feels comfortable with the proprietor- I, gentle Cyrus Peabody, your one-stop Guide bookseller, am devoted to providing you with assistance in all fields where you feel you might need to improve yourself. My goal is to change Britain one family at a time, for that is where morals and good character serve most contagious in providing an environment of good breeding and moral cultivation.

The need to continually improve ourselves and not only cultivate characteristics comes from the daily ways in which we live- the manners in which we treat follow neighbors, our decorum and dress, our communications, and of couse, how we teach our children. As the scientists and scholars of the world learn more than ever before- we can finally take the time to enjoy our increasingly rational and humane life- we understand the world we liv in, so that those of us with room to grow may finally have the time to think about our own cultivation.

I welcome you to take your leisure and to take to your time to explore and examine my selection of assistance.

Your humble servant,
Sir Cyrus Peabody


Children's Moral Instruction

Proper Letter Writing



Ball Room Etiquette