Courtship & Marriage

My Dear Patrons, the Fight will never Cease of that between Man and Woman- though they are disparate in spirit, courtship and marriage is a path that must be taken seriously.

I have done a thorough search of my archives and reflected upon numerous conversations with my Customers in order to come up with the best tips on self-improvement. If you would care to view some letters and replies in regards to the most pressing questions I have received from young patrons, follow me to my common questions archive, and make sure you are properly dressed!

My good friends Addison and Steele have much to offer from my distinguished Tatler and Spectator archives, so if you would care to read firsthand excerpts and my additional advice on the proper way to apply this advice to your particular situation, follow me.

Follow me into my select sitting rooms to peruse materials on how to go about your courtship, beginning with the proper letter writing formats and compliments to bestow upon your Suitor.

If you have already reached the eve of the beginning of your life of Conjugal Felicity, visit my friends to see how to conduct your Eighteenth Century Wedding.

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