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Men's Courtship

Young men- my duty here is to restrain your willful ways- take care heed the following words in going about your fledgling courtship once you have met a young lady suitable for you:


Sir James Thornhill, "Art and Commerce; Justice; Prudence; Temperance; and Fortitude," © Corporation of London

Top Five Tips:

5. Maintain modesty. See the tips on women’s courtship.
4. Marry not for beauty, Marry not for wealth (1)
3. Write her well.
2. Listen to your parents, and follow the morals of courtship.
1. Know the true nature of women:

“But in this cafe there is a Method to be observed in courtships, and first to maids who have not proffered their Blushes-- your first address must be with Gentleness and Modesty, lest you fright them into an opinion that you are rude and uncivil of Behavior and rather aim at debauching them, the Marriage. But Maids in Years are less bashful and you must be brisker with them or they’ll take you for a Drone without a Sting.” (2)

Love is a mixture of pleasure and pain, and hopes and fears, yet it is coveted and pursued by all, and tho’ the Female Sex seem coy and stand at distance, protesting many times against Love and that they will never marry, there is all pure dissimulation. For take my word, they are much more desirous than Men, as their pleasure in the Enjoyment of a Marriage Bed exceeds theirs; Therefore in making Love never mind denials, for their Hearts seldom go with their Tongues, eager for what they seem to slight and refute, and they would not have you believe them when they deny you.(3)

Challenging yourself by dating a widow:?
Widows, especially the young ones, are gay for me and buxom, for having once smelt of the spit they always love a Good Joint.


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