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Here I will provide you, my dear patrons with an assortment of various illustrations of the styles I have enumerated in my section about Appropriate Dress.

Head Coverings

This working woman wears a mob cap.  These caps had lower class connotations in the earlier part of the century, but then came to be worn widely and increased in size and volume as hairstyles became higher.  
A various assortment of beaver hats, which were widely popular.  The fancier type was worn by the gentry and the King's men.

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This gentleman is carrying a tricorne hat. It is similar to the bicorne hat that was also popular, but had one less fold. His wig is small, but still large enough that it is appropriate to carry his hat ala "chapeau bras" (under the arm).
John Wilkes, sporting his periwig and also advertising his New Model Portative Electric-Fluid Wig Dryer & Curler.

Copyright Ernie Jurick / Andrea Hagardorn 

Copyright Dirty Billy's Hats

Example of the type of straw hat that became fashionable in the late 18th century.

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This man is wearing an elegant white satin waistcoat.

Copyright National Endowment for the Arts.

Copyright National Endowment for theArts. This woman is wearing a V-shaped bodice.
Example of an 18th century corset.




                Copyright the Lily Guild

Copyright Yellow House Antiques. Here is an example of Calimanco, a worsted, glossy, brightly colored cloth.
This is a Silk Taffeta Sacque Dress from 1760.

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Any English gentleman in the late 18th century would be proud to own this set of Hessian Boots with tassels.




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James Duff, 4th Earl of Fife, is wearing pumps, as would be acceptable in the Ball Room with cross-gartering above the ankles.
This is an average pair of shoes with silver buckles that were common throughout the 18th century. You can see that the women's version (on the left) is not much different from the men's version (on the right).

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Every well-bred man and woman of the 18th century carries a snuffbox!  This is my personal favorite accessory and I wouldn't want you neglect it. The gentlemanly art of taking snuff involved an elegant pinch of this special tobacco inhaled up the nose, followed by a discreet sneeze.


Examples of fashionable purses carried by 18th century women.

Copyright the Costumer's Manifesto

Copyright the Costumer's Manifesto Example of a mid-century man wearing a beaver hat, short cloak and carrying a fur muff- another one of my favorites!

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