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As you might know, shopping has only recently emerged as a leisure activity here in London. My father's shop was a part of the open markets that were once the main form of shopping. When these markets were more common, their purpose was only practicality, not leisure. At that time it was difficult for the shoppers to find what they were looking for, especially because there were not shop employees that catered to the customers' needs. Today many people come to my mercers shop to window shop, browse, and look fashionable. After the decline in popularity of these markets came the rise of the modern-day shop.



The 1753 London Stock Market, where some tradesmen sold wares from the street and others from stalls.


As the number of shops in London has grown, the competition between us shopkeepers has grown as well. We are forced to go to great lengths to make our shops the most appealing to customers so as to attract the most business. Consequently, the exterior of the shop has become vital to the success of our shops. It is imperative that our shopsigns serve their purpose in advertising our shops.

It is important to know that not all of London's shops are located in Cheapside, so I will tell you about some of the other shopping districts in London. If you look below at my map of London, you'll see an 18th-century woman in Cheapside, and you can see where Cheapside is in relation to Oxford Street, another main shopping district of London. Please click on my map!

18th-century map of London

After allowing me to tell you all that you need to know to successfully navigate London's premier shopping districts, you should be well on your way to a wonderful shopping experience. I hope that my explanations have helped you to learn all that you wanted to know. Now it's time for you to use your new knowledge to purchase all that you desire from our reputable London shops. But first....may I interest you in a fine piece of silk?


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