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In an attempt to make the detailed aspects of the 18Th CENTURY more accessible to world, the University of Michigan has created websites dealing with this incredible century in the history of England.

Bridgemann, Kent, and Brown were the critical gardeners during the 18th century, but they were not the only GARDENERS that have made a name for themselves.

If the pictures of Stowe sparked an interest for you and you want to see more, STOWE GARDEN TOURS will offer you a tantalizing look at the garden as it looks today.

The Stowe estate has changed ownership and conceptual intentions many times over the centuries, but it has now returned to one of its original uses as a SCHOOL.

However, if you want to read more about Stowe Garden during the 18th century, check out the following books...

Adams, William Howard.  Nature Perfected. New York:  Abbeville Press, 
	Inc., 1991.  Adams gives a brief overview of prominent gardens through 
	History. He has incredible pictures of the most unique and fascinating 
	parts of each garden.

Batey, Mavis and David Lambert.  The English Garden Tour. London: John 
	Murray Publishers, Ltd., 1990.  Gives a very specific look into the 18th 
	Century history of gardens. With Stowe garden it details each change of the 
	different aspects of the garden.

Clifford, Derek.  A History of Garden Design.  New York:  Frederick A. 
	Praeger, 1967.  Focuses on numerous aspects that contributed to the 
	change due to philosophical and historical beliefs of the 18th century. 
	It took into account people and other cultures that influenced this 

Jarret, David.  The English Landscape Garden.  London:  Academy Editions, 
	1978.  Shows specifics sections of Stowe garden explaining its evolution 
	from the artificial to the natural or "Garden of Eden.

Stroud, Dorothy.  Capability Brown.  London:  Faber and Faber Lmtd., 1975.  
	Discusses the life of Capability Brown.  It focuses on his life during 
	the years he made his name famous for the creation and design of the 
	prominent gardens of England.

Willis, Peter. Charles Bridgeman and the English Landscape Garden.  London:
	A. Zimmerman Ltd, 1977.  It provides captivating photos of 
	Bridgeman's work and drawings.  It also includes a indepth biography 
	of the first revolutionary gardener of Stowe, Charles Bridgeman.

Eric Doeh and Jill DeHaan
Professor David Porter
English 430 or The Rise of the Novel
Winter semester of 1999
April 14, 1999