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Mary Wollstonecraft's Views on the Education of Women

Background Mary Wollstonecraft's early life was one of dwindling fortune and frequent upheaval. Mary's position as the oldest daughter, put her in charge of 4 younger siblings, who were more than their mother's frail health could manage. This responsibility, coupled with regular moves (8 times in 19 years) to follow her father's unsuccessful attempts to make money, served to deprive Mary of security or confidence that a man would take care of her.

Mary's Accomplishments

Mary's Own Education

Reform and Innovation in Education

"Public education, of eery denomination, should be directed to form citizens; but if you wish to make good citizens, you must first exercise the affections of a son and a brother. This is the only way to expand the heart; for public affections as well as private virtues must ever grow out of the private character."
(1) -Mary Wollstonecraft