Book of witchcraft

A weathered, dog-eared book of suspected witchery is available for the brave bidder who wishes to summon the Prince of Darkness to this earthly realm. The book, which is bound in burgundy leather, contains not only common Anglo incantations but also rare curses and spells of Egyptian descent. It also believed that the book includes Catholic prayers. The highest bidder must sign for his purchase in his own blood.
Current Price: 5 pounds
Jamaican tobacco (per ounce)

Available for bids is a potent crop of Jamaica's finest herbal tobacco blend. Freshly delivered by the Dutch herb trafficker David Den Herder, the tobacco Q known for its soothing effects Q is packaged in small six-ounce bags. Included in the tobacco package is a supply of thin paper, in which the blend is rolled into hand cigarette form.
Current Price: 60 shillings

Available for bids is a full, working battery of artillery gleaned from a recently deserviced naval vessel-of-war. In addition to four heavy cannons (including two and one-half barrages of standard ammunition), the shipment also includes six dozen single-shot longrifles. The artillery was originally intended to be indoctrinated back into the service of the royal navy, but was at the 11th hour "removed" by an associate of Ye Olde Ebay.
Current Price: 300 pounds

From emerald baubles to diamond-encrusted necklaces, this selection of assorted jewels is of the highest quality, both in terms of physical appearance and monetary worth. Delivered by master thief Jonathan Uhl, the jewels are a special one-time only item. Bids will vary depending on the item's specific number of karats, but the most likely scenario will find bids starting near 100 pounds for a standard adornment.
Current Price: 100 pounds
Pirate ship

A very special item available for bid is a functioning, recently-privatized sea-faring vessel that had previously belonged to the late Captain Cooper, a notorious ocean scourge who, in the last month, was tried for piracy and hanged in London. His ship, the Night Rambler, is a frigate of 10 guns and services 80 men at its optimum capacity. It was delivered to Ye Olde Ebay by an auction-friendly Q and shrewd Q agent of the crown's court.
Current Price: 1000 pounds
Virgins (per woman)

Available for bid are two dozen fresh young virgins, sold into servitude by their indigent families. Also available are two Spanish virgin sisters stolen away from their group during their great tour of the English countryside. These beautiful young ladies are the picture of purity, skin white like alabaster and bodily shape of the finest design. Bids will undoubtedly range in hundreds of pounds, due to the relative unavailability of ladies of chastity in London.
Current Price: 80 pounds
Booty bag-o-choice

Available for bids are four large, individually-sorted burlap bags full of recently-acquired pirate's booty. The plundered goods are guaranteed to be of the finest stock, potentially ranging from pieces-of-eight to family heirlooms. Bidders will not be aware of exact contents of the booty bag until point of purchase, but the administrators of Ye Olde Ebay will ensure your satisfaction.
Current Price: 30 pounds
Gold doubloons

Blood money! Many men were killed for this treasure in a sea battle with a now-sunken Spanish galleon. The crown's registry service makes difficult the spending of such foreign coinage, but melted to a pure molten form, its imperfections are rendered obsolete. Bids will most likely fall under actual monetary value of the coins.
Current Price: 50 pounds
Treasure map

This map of unquestionable authenticity is a highly desirable item up for bid. Its former owner was believed to be Black Sam Bellamy, and the X-marked final destination Q which will only be made available to the highest bidder at the point of purchase Q allegedly stands above nearly one ton of stolen gold. Bidding on this item will be limited to shortened time period.
Current Price: 25 pounds
Slaves (per man)

Fresh from a naval man-raid on the western shores of Africa, these captured savages are available for all manner of physical labor. The specimens are entirely of the male gender, and each man possesses unbridled bodily strength. Muscled backs and sturdy legs are standard. The winning bidder receives the slave's official ownership papers, and has the option of branding upon the slave's lower arm his family seal.
Current Price: 10 pounds

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