Mechanical singing bird on perch.
Current Price: 60 pounds

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Auction Ends: 12/15/00

High Bidder: gfajuri@umich.edu

Seller: Ye Old eBay Web Masters


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Starting Bid: 60 pounds

Location: London, England

Started: 12/4/00

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Obviously, this is an auction meant only for our wealthy customers. The skill and technical expertise involved in making a piece of automata such as this one, however, is so immense that the price must reflect the work that goes into its production. Commonly referred to as a piece of "automata" this marvelous mechanical wonder is perfect for the drawing room or parlor. It makes for the perfect conversation piece and needs practically no tending to from the owner, which is why it is being put up for auction. What the winning bidder will receive is this: an ornate bird cage of faux gold and one bird inside that never needs any food, water or care from their owner. It make the perfect pet and will sing at the command of the owner. In the base of the cage (which is truly a work of art), there has been installed, by the craftiest continental mechanics, a series of mechanisms that will not only actuate the movements of the bird on the perch, but also make it sing in tune. The apparatus operates with the simple twist of a key, much like the "music boxes" that have become so common as of late. This particular model of automata has come to Britain from France, where they have a reputation for exhibiting marvelous mechanical contrivances, including the fabled "Chess Playing Automaton" owned by Baron Von Kemplen. While the birds the high bidder will receive can not play complicated games like the aforementioned piece of apparatus, they will delight both young and old for years to come, if the cage remains unabused by small, prying hands of children and the sniffers of various domesticated beats (not to mention the prying claws of the common house cat). Mechanically perfect and carefully packed. Carriage extra.


Mechanical singing bird on perch.

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