Sugar, granulated

One of the most highly sought after foodstuffs up for bid, this pure, distilled sugar comes from the island tropics of the West Indies. Sold in one-pound bags, the sweet crystalline grains can be utilized in confectionery production, as sweetener for heated beverages or boiled down into liquor form. Bids usually reach extravagant heights for this precious luxury.
Current Price: 3 pounds

After being stewed for hours, the thickness of the pudding's cocoa butter creates the rich delight of this popular dessert. Early bids are highly encouraged, as pudding of even the highest concentration develops an undesirable skim after exposure to the particles of air. Batches are sold in 8 ounce servings, but multiple bids can be accepted at any given time.
Current Price: 2 pounds
Mead (per flaggon)

This pleasant drink makes for an appropriate after-dinner cleanser of pallet Q or, if it's brewed for an especially long time, as an alternative to dinner. Prepared by boiling equal parts water, eggs and honey, mead is best stored with a stopper-equipped bottle, preferably of a darker glass-type.
Current Price: 20 shillings

It is not advisable to ship cooked gruel as it will harden and crust over within minutes of preparation, but it is nonetheless up for bids. The hearty mix of oats and butter can be emboldened with wine upon purchase. An average serving will fill a good-sized pewter bowl, and will easily feed two aged street urchins.
Current Price: 30 pence
Coffee (per pound)

Available for bids is pound packages of the bean from which coffee is gleaned. The beans are in an unbroken state, and the buyer will have the responsibility of finding means of grinding the shells. The brewed form of this coffee is rich and heady, with a full-bodied roast. Most bids will range between 15 and 30 pence per pound.
Current Price: 10 pence
Tea (per pound)

Available for bids is an abundant supply of the popular leaf from which tea is brewed. Leaves are guaranteed fresh, meaning the products have not been recycled for further profit. Large shipments of tea leaves from the American colonies has resulted in a slight decrease in price, but average bids will range between 25 and 40 pence per pound.
Current Price: 20 pence
Citrus fruits

Available for bids is a basket of fine Italian oranges, limes and grapefruits carried to the continent by a wayward sea merchant recently returned from a voyage to the coast of Naples. The sweet nectar of said fruits prevents the onset of scurvy, and the outer rinds serve as an odor infringement.
Current Price: 2 shillings
Beef roast

Available for bids is a full rack of roasted beef stock. All grizzle has been carefully cleaved from the bone, with attention given to preserving all fine-quality meat. The thick beef Q weighing approximately 4 pounds Q is ready to be marinated and basted. The steer from which the rack was stripped belonged to master breeder Franklin Mackey. Early bids are encouraged, as the outer pieces of the rack are prone to quick spoilage.
Current Price: 1 pound

Available for bids is a half-side of tender venison meat, stripped from the haunch of a spry buck-deer. Mostly, yet not wholly, devoid of stray shot. The meat will be packaged in four evenly-distributed parcels (wrapping at the seller's expense). The venison was procured by master huntsman Phillip Hoffman. Early bids are encouraged, as spoiled venison meat is known to breed maggots.
Current Price: 6 shillings

Available for bids are four fine duck carcasses, plucked of feathers and removed of shot. The average weight of the ducks is roughly one pound, with the largest piece measuring one and one half pounds. The ducks were procured by master huntsman Phillip Hoffman. Early bids are encouraged, as poultry meat is known to taint very quickly.
Current Price: 3 shillings

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