ED626 Class Project

Poison Prevention Site on the World Wide Web

The ED626 Class Project is to design a web site for Poison Prevention Week in March, 1997, for our customers from the College of Pharmacy. Students in the ED626 class have the option of participating in the Class Project, or working on individual projects.

Project Proposal

This document contains information about the project as defined by our customers from the Academy of Students of Pharmacy, ASP. This includes the Background of Poison Prevention Week, Target Audience, Project Goal, Description of the Project, and Project Evaluation.

Detailed Description

Specifies the content of the Poison Prevention Web Site in detail.

Prototype of Poison Prevention Site

This is one of the Prototype versions of the Poison Prevention Project. The Prototype underwent several revisions during the time the ED626 Class worked on it from September until December 1996, with support from the Office of Instructional Technology, a department of the Information Technology Division of the University of Michigan. Following the completion of the ED626 Class, the prototype was revised for deployment by the Office of Instructional Technology, and the latest version is now available as the official Poison Prevention WebSite.

Poison Prevention Site on the World Wide Web

This is the official version launched in March 1997 for Poison Prevention Week, March 16-22, 1997. It is now hosted by the Internet Public Library server, in the Youth Division. Check it out!

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