Graphic Design and Layout on the Web

Here are some sites that we can look at for examples (both good and bad) of different styles of graphic design and layout. As our class project focuses on 5-7 year old children, we are looking for sites that are directed at children.

From Shannon:

From Jeff:

From Christi:

From Hee-Sun:

I want to share just a simple idea about the web sites for kids with you. As you recognize, all the materials in each web page are not bad. Some of them are good, others are not. My focus is the use of background patterns. Just take a look at these web sites.

Then, my suggestion is the following. Don't use too many colors and patterns on one page since it can make children confused. Do you agree with me?

From Monica:

From Soo-Young:

From Joe H:

My searching dealt with finding storybook sites aimed at very young audiences. Here are some urls:

For those of us on the Poison project, I believe one of our biggest challenges will be to convey a great deal of specific content material to an audience that has limited reading and comprehension skills. We need to be very careful not to design a site that only adults can use! Many of the "so called" kid sites have cool pictures and activites, but the interface for the kids is atrocious!

From Ginny:

From Jon M-L:

From Gary:

Okay, y'all, a few sites for consideration (or inconsideration, as the case may be). Not all are for "young" kids, but what the hey--

From Darryl:

From John:

From Rosalind:

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