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- First ARAB SOCCER Tournament organized by ESA-UM
April 16, 2006

The Egyptian Student Association organized the 1st ARAB SOCCER tournament. Egyptians, Khaligis, Lebanese, Palestinians and Syrians. The Egyptian Team Won the tournament after beating the Syrians in the semi final and The Lebanese in the final.

- End of Term Dinner Gathering
April 7, 2006

The Egyptian Student Association organized the End of Term Dinner Gathering in the Wedge Room, South Quad.

- ESA-UM Temporarily inactive
March 25, 2005

The Egyptian Student Association was temporarily inactive during the academic years 2003 - 2005. The association will be fully active starting fall 2005.

- ESA-UM president receives CoE award
March 25, 2003

Mechanical Engineering graduate student and ESA-UM president Haitham Mahmoud received the College of Engineering Distinguished Leadership Award, which recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding leadership through significant contributions to the college and community. Haitham serves as president of ESA-UM for the 2002-2003 term. In addition, he helped in the organization of the successful 2002 Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Symposium.

- Hackers have been sending offensive emails in ESA-UM 's name
October 27, 2002

Hackers have been sending offensive emails in the name of ESA-UM in a malicious attempt to smear ESA-UM's image and to spread fear, hate and confusion. The messages sent out by the hackers contained racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Arab, anti-Islamic and/or otherwise hateful language. We believe that many people have received counterfeit messages of this kind.

  • These messages were NOT sent by ESA-UM or by anyone affiliated with ESA-UM.
  • These messages are NOT reflective of ESA-UM and its mission.
  • The contents of these messages represent NEITHER the collective NOR the individual views of ESA-UM members.
We have reported this matter to the authorities, and we are hoping that this wave of offensive emails (and the accompanying wave of angry replies) stops soon. Until then, please disregard immediately any similar offensive emails you might receive.

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