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::: ESA-UM Projects - 2001-2002 Agenda :::

- Summary of Activities/Projects for 2001-2002:

1. ESA-UM Website Maintenance/Development
  • Committee Members: Mahmoud Hussein (Webmaster), Mohamed El-Gendy.
2. ESA-UM 2001-2002 Annual Book Campaign
  • Committee Members: Brenda Abdelall (Book-Campaign Manager), Khaled Sallam, Islam Hussein.
  • Results: ESA-UM sent a shipment on August 11th, 2001, consisting of 51 books and approximately 600 journal issues. This year's recipient was Menoufia University.
3. ESA-UM Fall-2001 & Winter-2002 Social Gatherings
  • Fall-2001 Organizing Committee Members: Mohamed El-Gendy.
  • Results: The Fall-2001 Gathering took place at the UM Family Housing Community Center (North Campus) on November 17th, 2001.
4. ESA-UM Diwan
  • The third Diwan took place in North Campus on September 28th, 2001. The guest speaker, Dr. Muhammad Eissa of the Department of Near-Eastern Studies, University of Michigan, gave a talk titled Double Tragedy: Arab/Muslim Response to September 11.
5. Co-sponsored Events
  • On September 20th, 2001, ESA-UM co-sponsored a campus wide teach-in in light of the tragic events of September 11th. This event was co-sponsored by Muslim Student Association, IES, ASA, ADC, SAFE, Palestine Committee, MCA, MSA, LSA-SG, Lebanese SA, MI SIKHS, IASA, Pakistani SA, Persian SA, MESA, APALSA, BSU, Students For Social Equality, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Chronicle Of Higher Education, School of Education, School of Social Work, Turkish SA, Project SERVE, DAAP, MPAA-SQ, MPAA-Barbour/Newberry, UAAO, BAMN, COT, SSAA, TAU BETA PI, AGENDA, MPA-WQ, MAC-MSA, SOLE, ALPHA IOTA, OMICRON, Rackham Student Government, International Student Fellowship, Social Sciences Student Union.
    Organizing Committee Members: Brenda Abdelall.

  • ESA-UM invited the Honorable El-Husseini Abdelwahab, the Egyptian Consul General in Chicago, for a one-day visit to Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan. The association co-sponsored a lecture given by the consul in which he addressed the Egyptian community in the area. The lecture took place in the U-M International Institute on October 20th, 2001. The event's other co-sponsors were the Arab American Organization of Ann Arbor and the Arab Student Association.
    Organizing Committee Members: Khaled Sallam, Mahmoud Hussein, Islam Hussein.

  • On November 14th, 2001, ESA-UM co-sponsored a lecture titled How Are Current Immigration Laws Affecting The Status of Arabs in America. The speaker was James Parry Eyster of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The event was co-sponsored with the following U-M student organizations: Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, Arab Student Association, Lebanese Student Association.

  • On November 29th, 2001, ESA-UM co-sponsored a Ramadan dinner at the Stockwell Blue Lounge, University of Michigan. The dinner was co-sponsored with the following U-M student organizations: Muslim Student Association, Islamic Education Society, Arab Student Association, Pakistani Student Association.
6. ESA-UM 2002 Presidential Campaign and Elections
  • Committee Members: Mohamed El-Gendy.
  • Results: The elections took place on Sunday April 28th, 2002, at the G.G. Brown Blue Lounge, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan.
- Other Agendas:
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