Monitoring Insulin Granule Fusion by TIRF MIcroscopy

TIRF imaging of insulin granule exocytosis from a transfected Min6 cells expressing synaptopFluorin. The exocytotic response is elicited by application of elevated [K].

Visualizing Protein-Protein Interactions by TIRF FRET Imaging

Insulin secreting Min6 cells expressing ROAR-S FRET probes stimulated to undergo exocytosis (Lam et al., 2010). Movie shows time-lapse imaging of CIDA fluorescence intensity illustrating distinct puncta of fluorescence that represent secretory granules. Appearance of yellow bar indicates application of elevated [K] stimulus. Responser granules are circled. Frames were acquired at 0.5 Hz.

Quantifying Protein-Protein Dynamics on Insulin Granules During Membrane Fusion

Pseudocolored apparent FRET efficiency of Rab27A in complex with its effector Slp4a on granules that corresponds to Movie 1.