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The 100% Recycled Notebook Project 100% Recycled Notebooks.
They'rrrrre GREAT!

The EnAct 100% Recycled Notebook program seeks to reuse paper products instead of throwing them away. We do this by collecting materials from all across campus and putting together our recycled notebooks. The covers of the notebooks, made from cereral boxes, come from the residence hall cafeterias. The pages are made from discarded paper where only one side has been used. The group has already produced hundreds of notebooks and has saved the lives of many trees.

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Though we're extremely proud of the project and its success, we can't claim the idea as our own. Yes, independently, a bunch of us were doing the same thing on a much smaller scale... reusing coursepacks, handing in homework on scrap paper. Then, in the fall of 1996, the idea came to us formally through some networking with an East coast univeristy. We recruited an office or two to get paper, and saved our own cereal boxes. An internal printing source took pity on us and ground out 50 or so of the notebooks (to test the waters with). The notebooks were an instant success with the members of EnAct, and thus, the 100% Recycled Notebook Project was born.

Sure, a bunch of tree-huggers would eat these up, but what about the rest of the University? We found more offices. We got a dorm or two to donate us the used cereal boxes. And before we knew it, the fall 1997 Book Rush was upon us. 150 notebooks flew off our booth set up in the Student Union, and into the hands of students.

In less than 3 years, EnAct's 100% Recycled Notebook Project has gone from a single (cherished...its on exhibit in our office) Rice Krispies-covered prototype to a 500 notebook drive. We secured a deal with a campus bookstore, and that has helped us to grow by about 50-100 notebooks every semester. With the lauch of this website, we are also very excited to embark on a mailorder program.

Our future plans for the NoteBook Project include 100% Recycled notepads, as well as other 100% Recycled (Homemade) Office Supplies. We are also expanding our sales program to include larger entities, for example, the University's Conferences and Seminars department.

Do-it-yourself Recycled Notebooks

Your group could start a recycled notebook project too! If you'd like information on how to get started, contact:

The 100% Recycled Notebooks Project
3909 Michigan Union
530 S. State St.
Ann Arbor, MI
	Phone: 734-647-9189
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