Chicago: Black and White

A project by Megan Miller and Melissa Skupin



Welcome to Downtown! This web project will introduce you, our visitor, to the isolation and segregation that were experienced by all black people of 1940s Chicago. Please feel free to picture yourself in the shoes of a black man or woman during this time period, browse all parts of our website, and feel the discrimination that shaped the city of Chicago!



This project is an attempt to recreate the tremendous inequalities that arose amongst people living in the same city, simply differeing in skin color. It will link Richard Wright's Native Son to the realities of 1940s Chicago through factual information, pictures, and quotations with textual analyses. As you visit various sections of our site, keep in mind that although Native Son is defined as a fictional work, it is based on true historical events. Many correlations can be made between Bigger and fellow blacks of the time period.


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