What's the size of the conference tables? What are the dimensions of our booth space and what is provided?
The table is approximately 6' by 30" to set up a display. You will have approximately a 2 foot perimeter around the table to set up.

Are there any available interview rooms for Monday or Tuesday during the career fair?
Please contact the Engineering Career Resource Center ( ) to reserve interview rooms.

How do I register for an information session?
Career Fair does not organize information sessions. Please see the Society of Women Engineers Corporate Information Sessions' website at

Is there electricity made available for us to use in our booth space? Is there a charge?
While electricity is not extra charge, we unfortunately cannot guarantee electricity. If your booth absolutely requires electricity, please bring your own extension cord and duct tape, and let us know, and we can see what we can do, but unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees

How do you place the locations of the companies at the career fair?
We try to place companies according to who registered and paid first, and if they have participated previously.

What address should we use to ship our materials and booth to?
Please see the

How many students do you expect to attend this event?
We expect about 1/2 of the engineering school to attend, so approximately 3000 students/day.  These students will be undergraduates, graduates, mostly engineers.  Occasionally, we have a few non-engineering students attend.

What should we do for parking passes if we are not going to the reception the evening before?
If you are attending the receptions the night before, you can pick up your parking permits that night when you register. If not, please arrive early, register and pick up your permit.  Once you have the permit, please park your vehicle and return to the career fair. We will have shuttles running to the career fair location.  Parking is very tight in Ann Arbor and we recommend that representatives carpool if at all possible.

Do you have any suggestions for number of handout packets we should prepare?
We would estimate somewhere between 100-300 for the number of handout packets. We expect about 3,000 students to attend the career fair total.  So for the types of engineers you are looking to recruit, we would estimate about that percentage.  However these are just estimates!

Is there a loading and unloading area for the recruiters to bring their materials in before the career fair?
We do not have any official unloading/loading areas.  We also do not recommend that you leave your car unattended.  If you do have many items in your car, we would recommend that you drive with someone and unload with their help to watch your items.

Is there handicapped parking?
There is indeed handicapped parking available.

Do we have a booth number to mark on the boxes we ship?
You do not need to mark booth numbers on boxes, we will deliver the boxes to your booth.

Is it customary for recruiters to distribute branded materials (buttons, pens, etc.) to prospects?
YES!  Lots of companies bring goodies for students.

SWE / TBP Career Fair
1226 EECS Building
1301 Beal Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122