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Before the Interview:
1. Research the company and the position before the interview.
2. Prepare a list of the special skills and experiences you would bring to this position.
3. Be prepared to discuss your past occupations, previous challenges, and goals for the future.
4. Emphasize examples from your background which demonstrate the characteristiecs of self-confidence, leadership, responsibility, and positive attitude.

Projecting a Professional Appearance:
1. Clothing should be clean and neat. Hair should be clean and styled in a business-like fashion. Women should avoid excessive, make-up perfume, and jewelry.
2. Always stand and sit up straight during the interview. Maintain good eye contact and try to limit excessive body movement (such as itching or swinging legs).
3. Listen carefully to the interviewer and ask questions or make comments when appropriate. Use good grammar and be honest when answering questions.
4. Never chew gum or smoke during an interview.
5. Do not focus on the negative aspects of your previous employers.

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