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Italian Renaissance Art:

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Fakes and Forgeries:

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Useful Websites

General Renaissance Information:
(Pictures and paintings of Italian Renaissance gardens)

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(General overview of the Italian Renaissance)
(Overview on Florentine history)
(Chronology of the Renaissance)
(Renaissance history background, including social classes, humanism, and subjects of study)

Sites on Individual Renaissance Artists:
(Filippo Lippi)
(Fra Angelico),5716,37410+1,00.html
(Ghiberti's life and works)

The Medici Family:
(Overview of the whole Medici line)
(Information about Cosimo de' Medici)
(Infomation about Lorenzo),5716,53020+2+51736,00.html
(General overview of the Medici family)

History of Poggibonsi:
(Information on the fortress in Poggibonsi)
(History of Poggibonsi in Italian)
(History of Poggibonsi in English)

(Overview of art forgery)
(Introduction to the art of forgery)

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