The Environmental Semester

Patrick Dougherty

Installation Artist
April 1 - April 17, 1998

Northwest Corner of Diag - Central Campus

The University of Michigan welcomes sculptor Patrick Dougherty for a residency April 1 - April 17, 1998. During this time on campus, Dougherty will create a site-specific work using saplings harvested from local forest areas. His sculpture, evocative of giant birds' nests, explores the relationship between the environment and the spaces in which we live.

Students and faculty are encouaraged to interact with Dougherty by assisting him in the installation and by stopping by the site to discuss the work with the artist.

Sponsored by the Environmental Theme Semester and the University Arts Coordinator (Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts) Supported by the Marion and Henry Bloch Award.

For additional information, click here or contact Mary Craig 764-5123 or email

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