eRAM Release 2.1

In addition to the enhanced maintenance work from our Framework Upgrade 5.8.6, the following changes were made.


The option to email UCUCA RCAs has been removed on the Animal Use form activity Add Comments.

PI & Lab Personnel

A new activity Manage PI Lab Notes for all Animal Use forms is available for PI, Protocol Editors and Authorized Signers. This is the same note that appears on some of the form types so it is a way to update without opening the form itself. For those use types that do not have a PI Lab Notes field on the form, this new activity now allows the addition of notes.


The Maintain Vendor Note activity used by ULAM Procurement now provides the ability to add a standing order indicator and notes regarding the standing order.
Animal Use forms now correctly auto-transition from either Final Review or ULAM Processing states into the state of Complete when all ULAM task indicators are either done or not needed. Additionally using the Complete activity will manually cause the transition providing that all ULAM task indicators are either done or not needed.