eRAM Release 2.1.4

The following changes were included in the 2.1.4 release:

Animal Use Forms

Once the form type and species have been selected (donating or receiving role as well for Transfers) on the animal use form, you will no longer need to navigate past them to reach the page with all of the use form details. Clicking Edit Form will send you directly to the final page.
Some vendors (e.g., Jackson Laboratories) do not allow animals to be ordered by weight. When making an Animal Purchase Request, this question will not be available and you will need to enter Age of animals.
The following 2013 holiday dates have been set in eRAM. These dates are not valid for delivery of animals and have been removed from the date selector.
  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 27
  • 4th of July: Thursday, July 4
  • Labor Day: Monday, September 2
  • Thanksgiving day and the day following: November 28th and 29th
  • Christmas Day, Season days, and New Years Day: Wednesday, December 25th through the 1st of January 2014

PI/Lab Personnel

External Funding information displayed on the Funding page of the protocol, a Funding amendment, and under the Funding tab of a project workspace, now includes all Sponsors listed on the PAF as well as whether they are a Direct or Prime Sponsor. New functionality included in this release provides a nightly update to all PAFs so that PAF information is kept current.
The PI appointment information page (and corresponding Manage PI Information activity) defect has been fixed so that the Add Future Appointment Information functionality is only available if Future Appointment indicator is Yes. If an HR appointment is selected, the future appointment functionality is disabled.
The Manage PI Information activity defect has been corrected. PI s can now update their information without errors.
The defect discovered on the Notify PI that Application is Ready to Submit activity has been fixed.


Maintenance of Agents list has been enhanced to disallow duplicate entries. Specifically, If the Agent is a Type of Hazard. Then the Name must be Unique by Name and Hazard Type. If the Agent is a Type of AAATNBA Then the Name must be Unique by Name and Drug Type. (note Agent can be both a Hazard and AAATNBA at the same time and, in that case, both sets of these rules apply)
The UCUCA Office now has the ability to add and maintain data directly in eRAM for Facilities including facility personnel and ULAM Quadrant information. Maintenance of facilities list and facility personnel has been enhanced to disallow duplicate entries.
A new column has been added to the UCUCA Office Inbox, Personnel Amendments lister, to show the date that the amendment was submitted by the PI. The column sort order is oldest to most recent.