eRAM Release 2.1.5

The following changes were included in the 2.1.5 release:

Animal Use Forms

A new conditional question has been added to the Shipping Form (Import) animal use form. If "Do you have any reason to be concerned about Ivermectin toxicity?" is answered Yes, then an answer to "Please specify your concerns regarding Ivermectin toxicity. These should be strain/research specific." is required in order to submit the form.
The Shipping Form (Import) animal use form now allows for the attachment of multiple documents, whereas previously restricted to one.
On animal use forms, the names of the activities used by UCUCA and ULAM to return a form to the PI and appropriate lab personnel for changes has been changed to "Send to PI and Lab for Changes" (non-transfer types), "Send to Donating PI and Lab for Changes" and "Send to Receiving PI and Lab for Changes" (transfer types). This helps to clarify who is receiving notification and seeing the form in their Inboxes.
A defect was found that allowed the selection of incorrect housing facilities on certain animal use forms (e.g., those that had been deleted as housing approved) has been corrected.

PI/Lab Personnel

The information displayed and available for external Funding sources listed on protocols has been enhanced to include all Investigators, including their role, who are listed on the PAF.


The UCUCA Office now has the ability to add and maintain data directly in eRAM for blood collection methods, RCA assignments to PIs, Peer Review Sources, and Additional Document types. This also restricts any duplicate entries.
The list of facility managers available to UCUCA is now sorted alphabetically when maintaining facility information.
The ULAM Office now has the ability to add and maintain data directly in eRAM for shipping locations, couriers, immune system status, shipping status, and pay type.