eRAM Release 2.1.8

The following changes were included in the 2.1.8 release:

Animal Use Forms

A new required field, Primary Contact Person, was added to the Shipping Export form.

PI/Lab Personnel

The Department Chair and Department Admin who are associated with the PI Home Department have been added as recipients on all Annual Review email reminders.
Email notifications defect has been corrected. The "starting" protocol personnel on a transfer form will now receive notification when the form is sent to Final Review by the "finishing" protocol.
Reminders regarding department review of scientific merit will go out every 7 days indefinitely until the department review has been submitted.
When a location is removed from a protocol, references for that location will be removed from Animal Handling Details.
Each person listed on a protocol that has the role of "animal handler" will be checked against the Animal Handling Details for indication that they work with at least one species on the protocol.
Shortcode Managers will now receive the same notifications as their PI regarding shortcode updates, activations and deactivations, and requests for use.


The defect involving the Update Recipient Transfer Form activity, when the animal transfer form is in the state of USE Final Review, has been fixed. The activity is only be available to the UCUCA office staff in this situation.
For tracking purposes, a preliminary submit date is now being set for transfer forms when they are sent from the "starting" protocol to the "finishing" protocol.
When the UCUCA Office staff need to edit protocols, there will be no error checking when disabling the edit function.
When adding/updating a Per Diem Rate, the "Per Diem Default Cage Amount" field is now required.
The Shipping Courier and Account Number display fields have been moved from the Details tab to the Additional Shipping Export Information tab on the Shipping Export form workspace.
Documents associated to a Shipping Export form are now accessible within Recent Activity, the Documents tab, and the Additional Shipping Export Information tab on the workspace.

Reports for UCUCA, ULAM, and Report Viewers

Purchase Summary report: the new default sort order is PI Last Name, then USE Number.