eRAM Release 2.1.9

The following changes were included in the 2.1.9 release:

Animal Use Forms

For Animal Purchase Request and ULAM Notification of Delivery form types, the list of available strain/stock options will be filtered by the vendor selected. If no vendor preference is indicated, then all strain/stock options will be available for selection.
For Animal Purchase Request and ULAM Notification of Delivery form types, the delivery date calendar has been fixed to allow only the appropriate dates for selection.
For Animal Transfer Between UM Protocols and Transfer Rodents To/From Reuse Program form types, the Notes to UCUCA/ULAM comments field now allows the use of double quotation marks within the text entered without causing errors.

PI/Lab Personnel

Animal Handling Details procedure rules clarification:

  1. If the surgery procedure is selected for a species, there must be a person indicated as performing surgery for that species; if a person is indicated as performing a surgery for a species, then the surgery procedure must be listed on the protocol for that species.
  2. If a procedure includes the use of an anesthetic on a species, then there must be a person indicated as monitoring anesthesia on that species, and vice versa.
  3. If the hazardous agent procedure is indicated, at least one person indicated as an animal handler must be indicated as having exposure to the hazardous material(s) identified in the protocol.
  4. If a person is not listed as an animal handler on the protocol, then they should not be indicated as handling animals in Animal Handling Details.
Error messages for incomplete or incorrect Animal Handling Details have been enhanced to include more specific information including the species, procedure, location, and/or person.


Animal Purchase Request and ULAM Notification of Delivery form types that were waiting in the state of ULAM Processing have been moved to the correct state of Complete. Going forward, the forms will transition from Final Review to Complete as appropriate.
The UCUCA Office is now able to use the Manage PI Information activity on behalf of the PI when a protocol is Approved or Suspended.
Additional fields are available for ULAM Quarantine to record information regarding Contamination Testing using the Maintain Additional Shipping Information activity. This information will display under the Additional Shipping (Import) Info tab on the Animal Use workspace.

Reports for UCUCA, ULAM, and Report Viewers