eRAM Release 2.1.12

The following changes were included in the 2.1.12 release:

PI/Lab Personnel

An error preventing the conditional question, “Select who will be responsible for meeting Animal Care Standards at U-M,” from displaying when adding a location to a protocol has been fixed.

Shortcode data in eRAM will be updated through a nightly FIN data feed.  When a shortcode is updated by FIN (change in status, description, etc.), the changes will also be reflected in eRAM within 24 hours.

A link to the UCUCA Policy on the Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Drugs has been added to the Help section at the top of the Procedure Summary page in the animal protocol.

Reports for UCUCA, ULAM, and Report Viewers

New SSRS Report Added:

Delivery Schedule Report - Search for ULAM scheduled deliveries for a selected date (R16).


The UCUCA Office is now able to flag transfer forms for expiring protocols so that the forms appear in the ULAM Barcoding Workspace.

A new ULAM Facility Admin role has been created.

Users with the ULAM Facility Admin role have the ability to maintain data related to:

  • Air Treatment Types

  • Humidity Control Types

  • Pressure Types

  • Facility Room Capacity Units

  • Room Hazard Types

  • Facility Room Contamination Types.

Two inadvertently deleted tabs (Action Items and All Protocols) have been restored in the ULAM Facilities Workspace.

ULAM Procurement

A Create New Vendor button has been added to the Manage Vendors tab of the ULAM Procurement Workspace. Click this button to add a new vendor to eRAM, then click the link located on the same line as the newly added vendor to Update Vendor Details.

manage vendors tab with create new vendor button at top-left of page.

An error preventing vendor line items from displaying in the Vendor Order Form when updated or associated to the vendor from the Vendor Line Items tab in the Animal Use Form Workspace has been fixed.