eRAM Release 2.1.13

The following changes were included in the 2.1.13 release:

PI/Lab Personnel

A bug causing a system error when attempting to associate a Use Line with a Vendor Order from within the Purchase Request Animal Use form has been fixed.

Email notifications are now sent to specified users when a UM Transfer Animal Use that pertains to clearing animals off of an expiring protocol is approved.

A bug causing a system error when the Immunization Type field is left blank in the protocol application (Procedures page > Antibody Production) has been fixed.

You will now be required to complete the Alternatives page in the animal protocol if any animals are used in any Use Category other than category 1.

Reports for UCUCA, ULAM, and Report Viewers

New SSRS Reports Added:

Non-ULAM Locations Report - Description available in eRAM.

Social Housing Report - Description available in eRAM.

ULAM Procurement

A Vendor Delivery Date column has been added to the “Order(Lines) waitlisted by Vendor” section on the Waitlisted Orders (Lines) and All Lines tab.  Additionally, the column previously labeled Delivery Date is now labeled Requested Delivery Date.

ULAM Billing

Users can now maintain/define Billing Periods and Billing Fiscal Years in eRAM. Click the applicable tab (e.g., Billing Periods), click the “Update” activity (e.g, Update Billing Periods), and then click either Add or Update, as desired.