eRAM Release 2.1.15

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.15 release:

Reports for UCUCA, ULAM, and Report Viewers

New SSRS Report Added:

Surgeries Report (R27)- Description available in eRAM.

SSRS Report Enhancements:

Protocol Hazards Report (R25) - Updated description available in eRAM.

Non-ULAM Locations Report (R23) - Updated description available in eRAM.

Animal Use Forms

Animal Purchase and Delivery Notification USE forms will now move to the state of ULAM Processing after final review is complete. ULAM Procurement will now be able to cancel these forms without an ITS Service Center request.

An error causing the wrong name to display in the PI field when updating a Vendor Line Item on an Animal Purchase Request form has been fixed.

UCUCA, ULAM, and Reviewers

Clicking View Differences in an Amendment Workspace now displays a link to the associated parent protocol at the top of the window.

View Differences window shows link to animal protocol at top of window

ULAM Accounting now has a workspace tab that provides information about and links to Cage Cards (future functionality), Charges (future functionality), and Animal Use Forms (current functionality) where an associated shortcode is no longer active in MPathways.