eRAM Release 2.1.16

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.16 release:

PI/Lab Personnel

For all Animal Use Forms that require selection of a short code, the system will now automatically validate that the selected short code is active in M-Pathways. If the shortcode is not active, the system will prompt you to select a different one before submitting, submitting changes, or approving the form.

Reports for UCUCA, ULAM, and Report Viewers

New SSRS Report Added:

Agents Compliance Report - This report allow the users to perform analysis on the Agents Procedure for Compliance.  This is 2 reports in one (one for the individual Species/Procedure and the other for Protocol/Species Animal Numbers). (R30)

SSRS Report Enhancements:

Locations Search Report (R11) - Species ULAM Acquired filter has been added.

Locations Compliance Report (R23) - The name of this report has changed and various filters have been added.

Restraint Report (R26) - An error causing duplicate rows to display for Animal Numbers has been fixed.

Protocol Search Report (R1) - Two filters have been added allowing the user to indicate an expiration date range.  

Animal Numbers Report (R5) - The Species and Protocol Status filters have been changed from text-entry fields to drop-down menus.

UCUCA, ULAM, and Reviewers

A new tab called Shortcodes to Review has been added to the ULAM Accounting Home Workspace.  It provides information about and links to Cage Cards (future functionality), Charges (future functionality), and Animal Use Forms (current functionality) where an associated shortcode is no longer active in MPathways.

For the Maintain UCUCA Data activity in the Facility Workspace, the field labeled “Building Name” has been changed to “Facility Name.”  A new field has also been added allowing users to select a Building.

Vendor Use Line Details can no longer be edited when the associated Use Form is in the state of Complete.