eRAM Release 2.1.19

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.19 release:

Lab Personnel

An error causing reminder email notifications to be sent after an individual submits a Medical Surveillance Form has been fixed.

Reports for UCUCA, ULAM, and Report Viewers

Agent Report (R15) - Combines Agents, Euth Agents, and Hazards into one report (one row per Agent listed on the Protocol)


A new QAF Shortcodes tab has been added to the ULAM Accounting Home Workspace.  This tab displays a QAF Shortcodes list.

ULAM Procurement can now select a delivery date up to one year in the future (not past the protocol expiration date) on Notify ULAM of Animal Delivery USE forms.

An Action Item is now created for ULAM Barcoding when a PI Change Amendment is approved by UCUCA.

The Applications Needing Annual Review list on the UCUCA Inbox tab in the PI & Lab Personnel Home Workspace will now only display applications on which the individual is listed as the PI or as Personnel.

When adding a new Facility, there is now only one place to enter the Facility Name.  

A new Responsible Person Doesn’t Match Project Grant PI list has been added to the Manage Shortcodes tab in the ULAM Accounting Home Workspace.