eRAM Release 2.1.24

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.24 release:

All Roles

The Scheduled System Outage information for eRAM has been updated.

PI / Lab Personnel

A system error causing the selection of a “Toe Tissue Type” on the Tissue Collection procedure details page to malfunction has been fixed.


Reports for UCUCA, ULAM, and Report Viewers

SSRS Report Enhancements

A Facility State filter has been added to the Protocol Surgery Report (R 27).


NEW ACTIVITY: ULAM Barcoding users now have the ability to update Scan Room names using the Update Scan Room Name activity.

All shortcodes have been manually refreshed in the production system. From this point forward, further updates will be made automatically as shortcode information changes in FIN.
Instructional text has been added to the lists on the Shortcodes to Review tab of the ULAM Accounting workspace.
An Action Items tab has been added to the ULAM Billing workspace.
Animal Use Forms in a state of Pre-Submission will no longer display in the Active Animal Use Forms with Improper Shortcodes list on the Shortcodes to Review tab.
For ULAM Accounting users reviewing shortcodes, all protocols associated with the shortcode will now be listed with the shortcode details.
Users with the ULAM Cost Admin role will now be able to manage Cost Accounting Category, Cost Activity and Service Adjustment when adding/updating Cost Types.  They will also be able to manage the Legacy Reference ID when adding/updating Service Types.