eRAM Release 2.1.28

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.28 release:



An error causing the “Responsible Person Doesn’t Match Project Grant PI” list on the Manage Shortcodes tab to work incorrectly has been fixed.

When executing the Approve Form activity on an Animal Purchase Request USE form, a new question has been added: Will ULAM care for the animals?
A new Maintain Processing Information activity is available for Animal Purchase Request USE forms in the states of “ULAM Processing” and “Final Review.”  ULAM Procurement can use this activity to indicate if ULAM will care for the animals being purchased.
The Copy From activity will now only display on Animal Use forms for which the state of the parent protocol is Approved.
When Managing/Updating Shortcode Details, if the QAF Eligible? and Include in QAF Calculation? fields do not match (one is marked "yes and the other is marked "no"), the user will now be required to enter a note in the Include in QAF Notes field.

PI/Lab Personnel

The Shipping Status options for the Shipping forms are now specific to the type of form: Shipping Import vs. Shipping Export.