eRAM Release 2.1.29

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.29 release:



Additional columns have been added to the lists on the QAF Shortcodes/Billing Exceptions tab in the ULAM Accounting home workspace.

On the QAF Shortcodes/Billing Exceptions tab in the ULAM Accounting home workspace, the logic that calculates the shortcodes that are QAF candidates has been updated. A data conversion has changed the appropriate date.
When ULAM Procurement approves Animal Purchase Request USE forms, the system will automatically validate that the selected location has a scan name associated with it if ULAM is caring for the animals.

The required question, Will ULAM care for the animals?, will now only display when executing the Approve activity on Animal Purchase Request USE forms.

A new All Shortcodes list displaying all shortcodes in eRAM has been added to the Shortcodes tab in the ULAM Billing home workspace, as well as the Manage Shortcodes tab in the ULAM Accoutning home workspace.
Instructional text explaining the process for managing shortcodes has been added to the Shortcodes and Funding tabs in the protocol workspace, as well as to the first page of the Funding Amendment form.
A new Associated by field has been added to the Manage Shortcode Details activity window allowing ULAM Accounting users to see who initially associated a shortcode to its responsible person.
A new field has been added to the Maintain ULAM Data activity allowing a facility to be designated as an Office. This information also displays on the ULAM Info tab in the Facility workspace.
Users can now see entire comments/notes on Activity History lists without needing to click a "see more" link. This applies to the Main and History tabs in the Protocol and Amendment workspaces.

PI/Lab Personnel

When using Hide/Show Errors, the system will now check to ensure that the Euthanasia Method is still valid, and will return an error if it is no longer valid.

Animal Purchase Request and Notify ULAM of Delivery USE forms now allow the user to pick a quarantine location.

SSRS Reports Users

Two new fields, Appointment and Future Appointment, will now display in the Person section of the Protocol Detail General Report (R1).