eRAM Release 3.0

The following changes will be included in the 3.0 release:


PI / Lab Personnel

Users can now view Cage Card information in eRAM via the Cages tab in the protocol workspace, which includes a link to each Cage Card's workspace. For additional details, view the Cages Reference Sheet posted to the eRAM Training page.
User can now request Breeding Sheets from an approved protocol's workspace via the Request Breeding Sheets button. For additional details, view the Request Breeding Sheets step-by-step procedure posted to the eRAM Training page.
PIs (Shortcode Responsible Person) and Shortcode Managers now have the ability to designate Billing Viewers for individual shortcodes. PIs (Shortcode Responsible Person), Shortcode Managers, and Billing Viewers receive emails for billing and can view Statements of Charges. For additional details, including how to add a Billing Viewer, view the Adding a New Billing Viewer section (pg. 6) of the Manage Shortcodes step-by-step procedure.
Rather than receiving paper Statements of Charges (SOCs) each billing period, PIs and their designated Shortcode Managers and Billing Viewers will now receive electronic SOCs via email. For additional details, see the Statement of Charges section (pg. 2) of the Charges Reference Sheet.

A Charges Information tab has been added to the protocol workspace, which list all charges associated with the applicable protocol. Each list charge also contains a link to the applicable (Billed) Charge workspace where you can view additional details about the charge. For additional details, view the Charges Reference Sheet.

  • During the week of 5/5/14, two years' worth of previous Charge Statements will be loaded into eRAM. The previous paper statements are the "official" ones. If there is variance in the eRAM system, please defer to the paper invoice.
Users can now requests Quick Cards in eRAM for tracking animals that were not bred or ordered via the Request Quick Cards button in an active Animal Use Form workspace or from an approved protocol's workspace. For additional details, view the Request Quick Cards step-by-step procedure.
An error preventing users from being able to view the associated help text (describing PI & Personnel roles) when updating individuals' roles on the protocol has been fixed.

When completing a Shortcode Transfer Request, users are no longer required to enter a "to" date; also, users can now enter a future date or a date up to 90 days prior in the "from" field.

A Comments text box has been added to the Shortcode Transfer Request activity window.
Users can now submit Funding Transfer Requests to ULAM Accounting of Billed Charges going back 90 days from the Manage Shortcodes tab.
Additional explanatory text has been added to assist users when requesting an Action Item from ULAM Accounting via the Manage Shortcodes tab.


ULAM Accounting can now request that a PI (Shortcode Responsible Person) or Shortcode Manager perform a task for a specific shortcode via a Shortcode Maintenance Request Action Item.