eRAM Release 3.0.2

The following changes will be included in the 3.0.2 release:


All Users

An error that caused some document types from not displaying correctly on the Documents tab in the Amendment workspace has been fixed.

For Action Items assigned by ULAM Accounting or ULAM Barcoding, the system will now send two reminder emails to the Action Item Assignee.


ULAM Barcoding can now select Quarantine rooms when performing a mass cage relocation.

ULAM Accounting and ULAM Barcoding can now enter a range of cage numbers when doing a mass shortcode change.
The date error defect for ULAM Accounting Review Action Items has been corrected.
All Renewal functionality has been changed to be in the context of 120 days instead of 210 days.
ULAM Barcoding now has the ability to submit Animal Transfer USE forms.
A defect in Surcharge recalculation has been fixed.

PI/Lab Personnel

PI/Lab Personnel now have the ability to Request Breeding Sheets from an Animal Transfer USE form workspace.

When requesting Breeding Sheets, the field labeled "Number of Breeding Sheets Requested" has been changed to Number of Breeding Stickers. Note that a full sheet contains 30 stickers.
The Close without Saving button has been removed from the Request Breeding Sheets and Request Quick Cards activity windows.
An error causing the Use Category field to incorrectly be blank for some Quick Cards and Breeding Sheets Action Items has been fixed.