eRAM Release 3.0.3

The following changes will be included in the 3.0.3 release:



For Animal Transfer and Rodent Reuse USE forms that indicate cages do not need to be moved, the current location of the active cages will now display on the recipient protocol and the Approve Form activity.

A due date can now be entered when submitting Shortcode Maintenance Requests.

A Cages in a location not on their Protocol list has been added to the following workspace tabs:

  • UCUCA Office Staff workspace > Cages ULAM is Reviewing tab
  • UCUCA RCA workspace > AME Needed: Cage Location Not on Protocol tab
  • ULAM Barcoding workspace > Cages to Review tab
For ULAM Accounting, activities can now be executed on Action Items listed on the Action Items tab via the My Activities option. This eliminates the need to open each item individually.
Annual Reviews will now only be required for USDA Species.
ULAM Accounting will no longer trigger Review Cage Card Action Items when they complete a Shortcode Transfer or a Global Transfer.
When selecting the "To" shortcode for a Global Shortcode Transfer, the system will now validate that the shortcode has the same associated protocols as the "From" shortcode.
ULAM Barcoding can now execute the Discard Remaining Barcodes activity more than once for Breeding Sheet Request Action Items.
A new Cage Cards tab has been added to the USE workspace for ULAM Procurement, and an Update Delivery Date activity is now available in the Cage Card workspace.
ULAM Accounting can now filter by Shortcode and Per Diem Rate when executing the Change Shortcode on Cage Card Mass Operation.