eRAM Release 3.0.5

The following changes will be included in the 3.0.5 release:



When adding cost types to service charges using the Manage Service Charges activity, the cursor will now move to the next field after making a selection, eliminating the need to manually click in the next field.

A SUB Failures tab has been added to the ULAM Accounting workspace.
An error causing the Generate Additional Cage Card activity to incorrectly display when it is indicated the ULAM is not caring for the animals has been fixed.
ULAM Barcoding users will now have the ability to correct cover sheet errors when in the Action Item is in state of Closed.
An error preventing Discarded cages from being activated when scanned has been fixed.

PI/Lab Personnel

For Animal Transfer USE forms, the questions related to room/location change and the need for cage cards have been reworded for clarity.

A broken link to the UCUCA Policy on the Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Drugs has been fixed.
The Requesting PI will now be included on Shortcode Use Request email notifications.