eRAM Release 3.0.14

The following changes will be included in the 3.0.14 release:



The UCUCA Office now has the ability to designate an Agent that is a Biological Hazard as being "Human." An associated Human column has been added to relevant lists and reports.

ULAM Accounting can now upload documents related to QAF on individual shortcodes via the Manage Shortcodes tab.
Columns have been added to display position distribution information on the ULAM Personnel tab in the ULAM Person Maintenance workspace , eliminating the need to click "Update ULAM Info" to view this information.
The ULAM Office now has the ability to flag a Facility as being a CO2 Facility. This flag can be maintained and is visible in several workspaces, lists and reports.

PI/Lab Personnel

A new Request Animal Number Correction USE form type is now available. PI/Lab Personnel complete the form and submit it to the UCUCA Office in eRAM, replacing the previous paper/email process.

Instructional text has been updated in the Indicate Protocol Will Renew activity window in order to improve clarity.