eRAM Release 3.0.17

The following changes will be included in the 3.0.17 release:



ULAM Accounting can now add additional Purchase Charges for an Animal Order USE Form using the Create Additional Purchase Charge activity. The charge will be related to the USE form, and it will display on the Charge Information tab in the Purchase Use Form.

The Barcoded indicator, which was previously set by the UCUCA Office, is now set automatically by the system.

When scooping shortcodes during a Shortcode Transfer, the following date logic will now be used:

  • Check for charge service date, then purchase date
  • If these dates don't exist, use the last day of the billing period
ULAM Accounting now has the ability to create a copy of a billed service charge that retains the original unit cost.

PI/Lab Personnel

A Shortcode Transfer Requests list has been added to the Manage Shortcodes tab in the PI/Lab Personnel workspace.

The email notification for Animal Transfer USE Forms that include the Holding Protocol has been updated.
When a protocol moves to a state of Cancelled or Expired, any amendments that are in progress will now move to a state of Cancelled.