eRAM Release

The following changes will be included in the 5/18/2015 release:

PI/Lab Personnel

An error that was preventing the removal of locations from the protocol when the same location was used by multiples species and in CO2 euthanasia procedures has been fixed.

A new validation will prevent the submission of any Animal Use form with a Primary Contact and/or Health Contact who is no longer on the protocol.


The Animal Number Notifications tab will now display only those emails sent within the past 180 days. A new report was created to display all emails sent regarding protocols with animals numbers below 10% and below 20%.

A new "Non-IBC Relevant" indicator has been added to the view that UCUCA uses to maintain the agents. The new indicator will be required when the Hazard Type is Biological.


A new column indicating the presence of an attached document was added to the ULAM Accounting Manage Service Charge lister.

If an Animal Use form is cancelled, all associated non-billed Charges will be cancelled.