eRAM Release 3.1.3

The following changes will be included in the 3.0.16 release:



ULAM Accounting now has a Cancel activity available on Auto Charges in all states except "Billed."

UCUCA Regulatory Compliance Associates (RCAs) can now choose whether email notifications go to study teams when post-approval monitorings (PAMs) are scheduled or reshceduled.

PI/Lab Personnel

An Available Balance Percent column has been added to the Animal Numbers and Transactions tab on all protocols.

The Action Item notification sent for protocols that have exceeded their animal balance has been reworded:

XX's use category xx has excceded the approved animal balance. A Scientific Amendment to increase the animal numbers is required.

has been changed to...

You will need to either submit a Scientific Amendment to increase the animal numbers in the category (see Action Item description below) or submit an Aminal Number Correction Request if animals were incorrectly deducted from the protocol.