eRAM Release 3.1.8

The following changes will be included in the 3.1.8 release:



An error associated with copying Expiration Details to new or renewed protocols has been fixed.

Service Completed Date will now default to what is entered for the Service Date, and it will update every time the Service Date is changed.
A new custom search report has been added that displays all protocols where Will the Policy for End-Stage Illness and Humane Endpoints be folowed? is answered No.

Two new custom search reports have been added to the Protocol Reports folder.

report-protocol-approved-blood collection methods-all: Lists active protocols with all the blood collection methods used (by species).

report-protocol-approved-blood collection methods-select a method: Using a default method of Cartoid Artery, this report lists active protocols with all the blood collection methods used (by species). Click Change Parameters in order to change the method.


The Is Human indicator now displays on the Procedure Hazard Details pages.

PI/Lab Personnel

When an animal protocol species in any category falls below 10% remaining animal balance, or falls negative, a warning message will display in the protocol workspace as well as any amendment for that protocol that is currently in progress.

The following information text now displays on the OSEH Recommendations and Findings tab in the protocol workspace:

OSEH recommendations/findings are based on information provided in the protocol at time of review. If there are any changes in dosage, frequency or route of administration an amendment is required. OSEH will review the amendment and provide revised recommendations as necessary. The Principal Investigator is responsible for ensuring all lab personnel are provided this information and agree these practices will be implemented.

New functionality has been added to eRAM in order to support the new Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Application in eResearch Regulatory Management (eRRM).

  • Species page: New optional questions added.
  • Hazards Detail Page: Applicable when the agent/substance is a Biologic. Option added allowing you to link to the new IBC application for any Biologic, in addition to being able to link to the old IBC application for Biologics that are rDNA.